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Missionaries & Evangelists

that we Support Around the World


Kuzels South Africa

Name: Scott & Donna Kuzel

Missionaries to: The Republic of South Africa

Sending Church: Bible Baptist Church

                             Grand Fords, ND

Missions Board: Bible Baptist Church

                            Grand Fords, ND

Rains Kenya

Name: Stephen & Christina Rains

Missionaries to: Kenya, Africa

Sending Church: Mukwonago Baptist Church

                             Mukwonago, WI

Missions Board: Mukwonago Baptist Church

                            Mukwonago, WI

Roberts South Africa

Name: Nathan & Laura Roberts

Missionaries to: South Africa

Sending Church: Mukwonago Baptist Church

                             Mukwonago, WI

Missions Board: Mukwonago Baptist Church

                            Mukwonago, WI

Brazil, South America

Doolittle Brazil

Name: Peter & Zirlene Doolittle

Missionaries to: Mato Grosso, Brazil

Sending Church: Madison Baptist Church

                             Madison, WI

Missions Board: Central Missionary Clearinghouse

                            Houston, TX


Shergalis Bulgaria

Name: Jeff & Grace Shergalis

Missionaries to: Bulgaria

Sending Church: Madison Baptist Church

                             Madison, WI

Czech Republic

Retting Czech Republic

Name: Jon & Emilie Rettig

Missionaries to: Czech Republic

Sending Church: Beth Haven Baptist Church

                             Oklahoma City, OK


Smiths Estonia

Name: Mike & Penny Smith

Missionaries to: Estonia

Sending Church: West Coast Baptist Church

                             Vista, CA

Missions Board: West Coast Baptist Missions

                            Vista, CA


Canavan Ireland

Name: Dan & Beth Canavan

Missionaries to: Ireland

Sending Church: Heritage Baptist Church

                             Woodbridge, VA

Missions Board: Baptist International Missions, Inc.

                            Chattanooga, TN


Riffels 2023.jpeg

Name: Michael & April Riffel

Missionaries to: Saku, Japan

Sending Church: Grace Baptist Church

                             Plymouth, IN

Missions Board: World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

                            Kings Mountain, NC

Randy Smith Family January 2022.jpg

Name: Randy & JoAnne Smith

Missionaries to: Nayoro, Japan

Sending Church: Independent Baptist Church

                             Ramsey, MN



Name: Clint & Rhonda Rardin

Missionaries to: Mexico City, Mexico

Sending Church: Fairhaven Baptist Church

                             Chesterton, IN

United States

Rodger Bottrell

Name: Rodger & Becky Bottrell

Evangelist to the United States

Home Church: Maranatha Baptist Church

                          Lyons, NY


Name: Mark & Michelle Englebert

Missionaries to: Brussels, WI

Sending Church: Door Bible Baptist Church

                             Sturgeon Bay, WI

Jim Robideau

Name: Jim Robideau

Missionaries to: Independent Baptist Churches - Lighthouse Legal Ministries

Sending Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church

                             Ashtabula, OH

Missions Board: Ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church

Carpenters 12-2020.jpg

Name: Tim & Starr Carpenter

Missionaries for: Bearing Precious Seed

Sending Church: Wyldewood Baptist Church

                             Oshkosh, WI

Jim Hoffman

Name: Jim & Monica Hoffman

Missionaries for: Scandinavians For Christ

Sending Church: Wyldewood Baptist Church

                             Oshkosh, WI

Randy Starr

Name: Randy & Shirley Starr

Evangelist to the United States, Canada, and the World

Home Church: Mt. Zion Baptist Church

                          Brogue, PA

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